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Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

Recently, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has begun to address the health care system issues by developing the 5-star rating system. It aims to help improve quality of patient care, and compliance and adherence of their medication. Part D plans will be rated in part on how easy beneficiaries say it is for them to fill prescriptions or resolve issues related to their medications under the plan, in hopes to save billions of dollars in federal health care spending.

How does this affect you?

Now your healthcare providers will be incentivized and graded on care coordination, quality improvement, patient safety updates and giving you better quality of service.

When patients don’t understand the implications of their disease and the importance of following an adequate treatment, as well as the proper way to take the medications, the likelihood of compliance and adherence is significantly low.

How we can help:

As a result, Rivergate Pharmacy is taking the CMS system one step further. As an MTM Pharmacy member, we utilize the latest iPad technology to benefit our customers and local community. This groundbreaking Medication Therapy Management tool helps our customers increase their knowledge and learn how to take their medicine correctly. Using an MTM iPad, all of our staff members are now empowered to teach our customers about the benefits of medication nutrient depletion, medication compliance, and various health conditions. This is also an innovative way for us to reconnect with physicians and prescribers, enabling us to help give their patients the best educational and quality care.

Diabetes MTM

Our MTM iPad encompasses more than two hundred high quality videos focusing on disease states, health conditions, nutrient depletion from Cholesterol and Diabetes medication, and “How-To” videos. These “How-To” videos show patients how to properly use certain devices such as a Diskus Inhaler or Spacer.

MTM Choices

Taking your medication incorrectly can make all the difference between undesirable side effects and optimal results. Because we care about your health and well-being, we have added a Health Videos tab on our Facebook page so you can access this library. You can request these videos here on our website, as well as in our pharmacy.

Stop by Rivergate Pharmacy to learn more about this FREE program.

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