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Pharmaceutical Compounding

Prescription compounding of customized medications is tailored to each patient’s individual need. All compounded medications require a prescription from a physician. We only compound products that are not available commercially due to temporary unavailability, product discontinuation, or when there is no same commercially available product. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Compounding for Family Practice Medicine
  • Bio-identical (natural) hormones for women and men using hormones that are identical to those produced in the human body
  • Pain management creams and gels (prescription strength) customized for each patient
  • Sports medicine preparations
  • Dental compounding
  • Hospice preparations
  • Wound care preparations
  • Podiatry compounding
  • Pediatric compounding
  • Dermatology compounding
  • Veterinary compounding for all types and sizes of animals including pets, exotics, large & small wildlife, large and small zoo animals

What Are the Benefits of Pharmaceutical Compounding?

Minimize Side Effects

  • Many side effects can be avoided. Your doctor and your compounding pharmacist are able to mix other medications to minimize these negative effects and meet your unique health needs.

Allergen Avoidance

  • Your doctor and compounding pharmacist can work together to mix a prescription specifically for you, avoiding dyes and other possible allergens to eliminate possible allergic reactions.

Obtain Unavailable or Discontinued Medications

  • There are numerous effective drugs that are no longer commercially available because they are not profitable for the pharmaceutical companies. They may also be unavailable due to manufacturer shortages. However, many are available to your compounding pharmacist with a prescription from your doctor.

Ease Difficult Regimens

  • Some dosage forms may be difficult to swallow, especially for children and the elderly. Your compounding pharmacist can produce alternative forms like liquids, flavoring, etc. to help the medicine go down more easily.

Custom Dosages

  • Pharmaceutical companies package many medications in predetermined strengths. Your compounding pharmacist can provide your prescription in customized strengths prescribed by your doctor.

Veterinary Compounding

  • Veterinarians can work with your compounding pharmacist to produce a flavorful, treat-like medication in the right dosages for your pet, whether he's a hamster, dog or a horse. Necessary dosages for your pet are not always available commercially. It’s for this reason that zoos frequently work with compounders to meet their variety of needs.

How to Write a Compound Prescription

  • Our pharmacists will be happy to discuss formulations and answer any questions you may have
  • Below is an example of what to include in a compound prescription:

Compounded Rx

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